So, here it is, the last day of #adventbookclub (for this year at least), – and it’s been great to have a focused time each day (I’ve never been very good at that!) By this time I should be in the air en route to Marrakech – hopefully for a bit of sun, plenty of relaxation/sleep and pottering.. hopefully nothing like the journey that Maggi experienced from Gatwick (where I’m starting from!). Maggi speaks of a journey of disruptions for the holy family and the Magi in order to avoid Herod, but also a sense that lives are changed and will move forward in a different way…

When I return, it’ll be back to getting #BIGRead14 sorted for Lent this year. It was named ‘The BIG Read’ in 2010 in the North-East, and I have since worked on 2 x Tom Wright books and 1 x Rowan Williams book. This time we’re using Stephen Cherry’s Barefoot Prayers and I am really hoping that a number of people will join us to engage with each day’s poems – seeking Biblical inspiration and creative outputs via art/poems, etc.: 

See also a few more questions with Stephen Cherry.

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