Steve Wright in the Afternoon

Today’s been a really interesting day – it’s Safer Internet Day, an annual Europe-wide day raising the profile of what can be done to give your child a safer experience online. Yesterday I did a number of pre-records for Real Radio NorthEastSun FMRadio TeesRadio NewcastleTV Tyne Tees, none of which I’ve heard/seen (yet?!). This morning I did a live interview with Radio Newcastle, before spending an enjoyable hour with John and Nage in the Premier Radio studios talking about the issues that a day such as today raises (recording just been sent to me!):



I then headed over to the BBC ready to do a live interview on BBC News 24. With Prince Charles and Camilla visiting, there was some confusion, and I got taken off by the wrong person – as we were talking, it was clear we had the wrong pairing! We laughed, went downstairs and found the right person, and spent 40 minutes in the ‘Green Room’ – was just about to go into the studio, and the story got bumped (you can’t really compete with Shirley Temple and Prince Charles), although they interviewed the CEO of Dixons about the topic as he was already on about something else …

bbc-newsAnyway, the possibility is still there for another day (and no I didn’t pop around the corner to see Prince Charles).

I then was taken back outside to go to Radio 2, where I spent an enjoyable few minutes with Steve Wright, Tim and Janie. First words as I got in the studio “I really like your book”, and last words “see you next time”! Programme goes live NOW, and my segment will apparently be sometime between 330-5pm.

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