Keeping track of a number of stories relating to ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age‘ in the news – but also check out this interesting article on dealing with childhood fears:

News Headline On Mobile Phone For Online Information Or Media

Digital children’s series ‘Milli’ teaches curiosity, positivity

In collaboration with a British author and German illustrator, production company Honig Studios wants to create a brand new experience for young children and how they read storybooks on tablet devices.

Friend or foe? The rise of online advertising aimed at kids

Today’s children grow up in world saturated with technology and advertising. Pictures of mothers’ bellies on Facebook begin a child’s social media profile. Coupons for diapers arrive before the baby comes home from the hospital.

More than 90% of children under two have a digital footprint – an online presence such as photos and other personal identifiable information. This may begin before they are even born, according to research by AVG Technologies, a global security software company that sponsors the Child Internet Safety Summit in London.

Children ill-equipped for digital age if all they can do is Google

The emphasis on teaching facts and learning by rote has led to a generation of young people whose only qualification is being able to use websites like Google and Wikipedia, according to one of the country’s leading researchers into how students learn. (££ for whole article)

Digital revolution inspires a generation in Leeds

Rapidly changing digital technology is opening up a whole new window of opportunity for youngsters in Leeds.

Whether it is using cutting-edge equipment to create their own virtual movies or use complex code to create programmes, a whole new technical world is at their fingertips. And youngsters in east Leeds know how to make the most of these exciting new opportunities.

Teenagers have been given the chance to take to the airwaves and create their own programmes as part of East Leeds FM.

See also this story about digital safety lessons in Leeds, and this re: ‘dangers’ of chat rooms.

Do You Know What Digital Media Are Doing To Your Kids?

WHEN it comes to modern-day devices, smartphones and portable tablet computers have become part and parcel of our daily affairs.

There is hardly a day that passes without these portable computing devices being put into use, influencing the way we conduct our lives.


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