fair-feastThis is the bit from today’s poem that I love:

All the more reason, then, to
travel light
to leave my bags
at the station,
to lose my property,
to empty the pantry of its
tinned regrets, its
bottled remorse, its
mildewed mass of mistakes.

No point curating this lot,
or carting it about any more.
Let me throw it all away,

As this poem discusses the habit of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (clearing up the fatty foods before ‘fasting’)… and then compares to what else we need to clear up to free our journey as we go forward.

As someone who has been decluttering for several years, and overcoming hoarding habits, etc. as the physical decluttering is pretty much there, what’s the next stage … mental decluttering? Terrifying, but being done slowly… I like some of this video:

I made a video re #bigread14 today – I’m sure it will upload at some point, but meantime, I have been working on my sleep … !!

Meanwhile, today – there was a FASCINATING debate on my Facebook, triggered by Pam’s bigbible post re: what signals we are giving if we give up social media for Lent. We have this debate every year, and I can sympathise with those who make those decisions, but I wonder what the response would be if people said they were giving up pen/paper, or the telephone?

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