Source: The Worship Cloud
Source: The Worship Cloud

Well, today’s poem simply reminds me of a week spent trying to learn how to surf in Australia (Christmas week in fact) – I think I stood up about 3 times all week – constantly pushing out against the surf, and then promptly falling off as soon as I started to stand up! Learning to go with the waves, gives huge power:

Let me turn my back,
not in disrespect, but in true alignment;
and speed me along the new forward,
my old backward.


Having been to an Ashing service, I am about to take Maggi Dawn’s book up to bed with me (as I plan to mix the two) – I got to speak to Maggi for nearly an hour today via Skype – so that was even better.

Mentally a difficult day but #3goodthings: chatting to @maggidawn, support, listening ears & chocolate from many friends & Richard Briggs #sermon tonight.

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