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Source: The Worship Cloud


Today’s poem ‘Breath of God‘, makes me think of a physical presence of God – a nice warm, comforting breath, but maybe sometimes like a chilly breeze waking us up to things we need to change. Also agree with Toby re: Aslan’s breath, especially waking the frozen statues up.

Sometimes when we talk about whether people need to be ’embodied’ to have the full benefit of meeting (because Christ came to earth incarnationally), I think he left us his Holy Spirit, unseen, but fully present.

Here’s the video I made the other day about how simple I want #bigread14 to be:

#Do1NiceThingSay thank you to someone as they work and say how much you appreciate them // I’m about to go for a swim, which may be the first time I see someone, so that may give me an opportunity, although have truly seen this happen on Facebook today!

If I’d been in housegroup this week, we would have seen:

and heard Maria Rodrigues give her reflections on Stephen’s poem.

Maggi Dawn

Yesterday evening, reading the early pages of Maggi’s book Giving it Up – gaining a better understanding of what Lent is about (having had no real understanding of it til I undertook BIGRead) (and today seeing a piece in Relevant Magazine re misunderstandings Christians have about Lent) – it’s not about giving something up, feeling pleased with ourselves, and then not engaging with the deeper meaning of Lent.

Yesterday: I describe myself as a ‘polymath’ (aka Renaissance Woman), and there’s a challenge in Maggi attending a funeral, and desiring to live life to the full.

We’re neither perfect nor immortal: we are merely and yet wonderfully human, and we ned to know who we are in our imperfections as well as our gifts in order to live every day as if it counts for something.”

A real challenge for me this week, and one that I was fortunate to have a bit of a chat with Maggi about yesterday!

Today: Maggi identifies that westernised cultures have become much better at feasting rather than fasting (few knowing about the full purpose of Lent), and that if we simply give up to ‘prove we can do it’, then what is the need for God?

Maggi has published a blog post today on food, another area that she focuses on – as so many of us throw away food. As someone who is having a Pasta Party for my birthday on Sunday so that a) I don’t have to eat pasta for months b) throw is away I approve. I also gave up supermarket shopping for Lent in a previous year, which has had a long term impact on my shopping habits, and I continue to make small changes to that.

Love the idea that next year instead of buying ingredients for pancakes, people return to the idea that ‘Shrove Tuesday’ can be a ‘using up the leftovers’ feast!

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