Source: The Worship Cloud
Source: The Worship Cloud


The theme for the housegroup material this week is ‘Awakenings‘, to which we are thankful to Sheridan Voysey for providing a reflection.

Today’s poem has been read by one of the staff team at LST (at short notice), and focuses on the sense of unwinding at the start of a day, as the dreams inform our daytime behaviour … as we start the day thinking about this as another opportunity to be part of God’s world… and looking at that photo above – a pretty impressive world – but then so is the small stuff (although I’m a big picture person!)

Contrary to many people’s thinking (as I’m a late night/late morning person) – I have seen many a sunrise – I travelled for 18 months, and it was a frequent ‘treat’ in many different countries, usually upon some impressive landscape or seascape. How does it look as it rises on your day however.

Much as I won’t be awake when the sun rises today – I am setting this to post around then – usually writing these in the evening – it’s my birthday, and I want to go to sleep without any blog posts sitting on my  to-do-list 🙂

#Do1NiceThingWalk round your neighbourhood and pick up litter (please wear gloves and use a strong bag) or see if there is anything more you can recycle at home // well, I cleared all the litter that had blown into my garden, and everything I have goes into recycling bin, or charity shop if I’m not using it .. I subscribe to:


Maggi Dawn

Maggi uses the passage Luke 5:33-39 re fasting which makes me think of various news stories I’ve seen this week:

As someone who works with the church to encourage new ways of ‘being church’, or new ways of augmenting ‘traditional’ church, I like the way that Maggi takes the story of the old/new wineskins to say that Jesus wasn’t saying out with the old (in fact vintage wine is often the best), but nor was he saying reject the new. As a historian – I’m all too aware that there’s rarely one moment that things turn on – usually a slow development of small changes, resulting in something that appears ‘large’ – Maggi applies similar thinking to how church traditions can change, but that we need to keep a new ‘nose’ open for what else we need to engage with…

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