I took the above picture in Marrakech earlier this year, as we got up bleary eyed (post a rather painful camel right the evening before) to watch the sun rise over the desert. Beautiful.

(yes)today’s Poem: Psalm of the Dawn, (read by David Wilkinson in the early light of dawn!) ending:

How happy are they who greet the day, with faith and health
restored; they will do your will.

Found this in my Facebook feed (a little more twee than many of the things that I’m comfortable with):

1620379_760924710614363_324364506_nMaggi Dawn

Today’s reading finishes:

One of the purposes of the Lenten fast is to remind us daily that we are physical creatures and live a physical existence. In a society that is both overindulgent and excessively body-conscious, perhaps one of the challenges of Lent is to befriend our own bodies and find a good balance between taking care of ourselves and simply living comfortably in our own skins. At the same time, Lent reminds us that we are more than mere animals: we have spiritual and moral capabilities. We are governed not only by our appetites and needs but also by our will and our imagination.

As someone who’s working with Beyond Chocolate, Find My Style, and other body image stuff… pertinent! Recovering a healthy body image, enables me to greet the dawn (or let’s face it, a bit later than that) each day with more chutzpah!

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