Image source: The Worship Cloud
Image source: The Worship Cloud


As Ernie says “We need stuff to energize us, to excite us, to challenge us, and that sometimes seems far away.”


Refurnish me with a sense of
purpose for these all-so-slowly-burning
projects and
quietly unfolding plans.
Replenish me with vision.
Renew me with hope of
transformative action.
Rekindle in me the passion that long since
got me involved in all this.
Rouse my sense of responsibility for
my time, and rid me of the
fantasy that a day in your service
could be dull.

What more needs to be said?

#Do1NiceThing: Take time to pray for your neighbours // Thinking back to yesterday’s stuff about ‘blessings’, I do remember to pray for the neighbours either side and opposite as I speak to them most frequently… but how about the whole street, and what to pray for!

Maggi Dawn

Interesting here:

Whether we follow an individual, a group or an ideal, we should always ask ourselves who we’re following and why we do it.

Especially as news of Tony Benn’s death means that such as follows are abundant in my Facebook news feed:

Source: via Facebook
Source: via Facebook

and I love this thought re the need to not manipulate people:

If we treat people with the same kind of honest grace, freedom and respect as he did, sooner or later others will want to search for the God that we follow.

Lots of really interesting thoughts about not being cluttered with both possessions and responsibilities, being ready for a change in direction (whether physical or mental) … but throughout the importance of following Jesus first.


I just had a quick look today, as I do love the project, to see @jontylangley speaking about the need to think about who we listen to (it’s not all about us!):

They may not be ‘the least of these’ in a global sense, but when we perpetually ignore them, we are ignoring Jesus, just as surely as if they were hungry, thirsty or in prison.

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  1. It’s interesting that the unpredictable can surprise us on what could have been a mundane day. I’ve been involved in a medical trial for people of my age, who have had symptoms in the recent past that seem to indicate a risk of some sort of cardiac incident or stroke within the next ten years.

    Today I got a call from the team involved that a recent batch of blood tests indicates that I might well have type 2 diabetes? This diagnosis needs confirmation and followup, but this was an unpredictable outcome as I have always been asymptomatic for diabetes, despite my two sisters suffering from it and my father dying from the outcome of uncontrolled diabetes.

    Bit of a shock and wake up call, but also a call to prayer for personal stuff for a change – I still have so much to do, and God seems to be quite busy pointing me towards it, with training due to start in September. I don’t ask for a cure, just that I be motivated to change the things in my life that might be contributing to the possible diagnosis and that I have the appropriate treatment to enable me to function normally and do what God seems to be calling me to do.

    This isn’t a victim statement, just something that has happened, something that thousands of others live with day in day out, and continue to have fruitful productive lives, and there is no reason that I shouldn’t have the same. But that unpredictably factor I asked for this morning, certainly kicked in with a vengeance this afternoon 🙂

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