Source: The Worship Cloud
Source: The Worship Cloud


You can tell I’m an ‘active doer’ as this line was the one that really stood out:

That we may be given the courage to work for economic
and social justice.
Lord of the dawn: Shine on your world.

but actually the rest of the poem deals with a  number of character traits e.g. patience, love, constancy, vision, etc…

Having ended up spending much of yesterday working through Passion Maps (still got about 10 pages to go!), re-focusing on the passions that are God-given and how I can use them well…

#Do1NiceThing: Spread the niceness on Facebook and Twitter – compliment some of your friends // I sometimes do this with postcards to people I haven’t seen face-to-face for a while. This seems like a nice idea – a bit of a week-long ‘follow Friday’!

Maggi Dawn

We can’t preach the gospel authentically and not get drawn into acts of compassion, but Jesus’ miracles weren’t an end to themselves; the kingdom of God isn’t just a social programme. The gospel leads to a radical personal commitment but it isn’t a self-improvement course; it leads to public action but it isn’t solely about political activism. Jesus wanted his disciples to grasp the whole picture.

The Kingdom of God is not about getting your physical/material needs met, but your spiritual needs.

Pam Webster

I love Pam’s blog, and today’s piece was very well timed for me:

We cram our lives with ‘experiences’ and ‘things’, but we rarely spend time with ourselves, or allow ourselves to think through where we are and who we are.  So often we avoid ourselves – the truth of ourselves.

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