#DigitalParenting: Book Launch @StJohnsCollege

Picture: Bryony Taylor (@vahva)
Picture: Bryony Taylor (@vahva)

Most of my Durham supporters were unable to make it to London for the official book launch, so thank you to David Goodhew for organising a Durham book launch, at which many of the people who supported me, celebrated the media coverage and book sales that have already been achieved. Privileged to have been introduced by David Wilkinson, who indicated that the book by its very cover gives a positive and happy feeling, but more seriously, stressed the importance of this book in today’s society!

By Digital Fingerprint

Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @ Manchester Metropolitan University. Interested in digital literacy and digital cultureĀ  in the third sector (especially faith). Author of 'Raising Children in a Digital Age', regularly checks hashtag #DigitalParenting.

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