Image Source: the Worship Cloud
Image Source: the Worship Cloud


Not sure I can add anything to today’s poem, particularly:

Consolidate my thoughts.
Calm my mind and let
the words come along in an orderly but not entirely
predictable fashion.

#Do1GoodThing: Look at joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme // people on my street seem to be pretty good at looking out for each other 🙂 My neighbour has always put my bin away before I get back from work 🙂

Maggi Dawn

Exodus 3:4-14

A challenge to think that we are listening out for our name being called by God, but not to domesticate him into some kind of ‘super-big-brother’ rather than a God of infinite mystery.

Beneath_the_SnowP.S. This is what the Egyptians will tell you is ‘The Burning Bush‘ (seen Christmas Day 2011, having just watched the dawn from the top of Mount Sinai)


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