I was trying to work out whether today’s poem was about leaving a house, or… for me, all of this is tied up with memories! I am currently in the spare room at a friend’s in Winchester, having enjoyed the luxury of an evening out with a friend who knows me well – and that unusual thing for me – to relax!

‘Allow me that loyalty at least. My
memory has gone. I am
empty within. Let me see my past.
Hide from me my future.

do love my house – the first I have ever owned, but do wrestle with the idea of being ‘fleet of foot’ – but then there’s always renting places out…

#Do1NiceThing: Spot ways of helping people and do it // I have been thinking about ways of being more thankful!

Maggi Dawn

Having been facing lots of ‘learning and growing’ challenges recently, and bemoaning to someone “can I just stop learning for a bit” ..

The longer we know God, the more there is to know, and the more we see that God is, in some sense, quite unknowable.

Maggi is drawing on Moses encounter with God on Mount Sinai .. wrapped in fog, as he seeks to find the way forward..

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  1. Maggi’s comment is quite profound – and I need to reflect more on it. But knowing and seeing God will be our ultimate reward, in the meantime we need faith and trust in abundance to know and see him active in our world.

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