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As I head off into a mini-holiday this weekend, back with some of my oldest friends for a weekend in the New Forest … a reminder to make the most of it!

And so I give thanks: for opportunity,
for time,
for the efforts of others, for companions,
for encounters,
for everything that delighted
the eye,
for each moment of peace,
for inspiration from art and nature,

#Do1GoodThing: Go on a thankful walk – see all the positive things you can be thankful for in your neighbourhood // lovely sunny walk around an old neighbourhood this morning!

Maggi Dawn

Drawing on Exodus 33:12-23, I can see a connection between looking back on a holiday and being thankful for what we have seen, that we can only see God face-to-face once we are prepared to depart this world – so we but see the ‘back of God’ – as we look back on things and see his presence there.

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  1. I wonder if looking back allows you to see the back of God (as Maggi says) or does it reflect back to ourselves the God who was in and with us at that time? My experience has been one of looking back on those missed opportunities to give thanks for God’s Grace, when I was without God (in my life). And I could regret that, but know that celebrating it, even now, years later with thanks and praise to God brings it into a new perspective. Seeing and understanding my own limitations, but knowing and appreciating how his unlimited love and Grace have poured into my life, even though I might not have deserved it. Thanks be to God.

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