Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


I enjoyed capturing today’s poem via Skype with Maggi Dawn, and we had a good long chat around it too! Deeply encouraging:

Give us, we pray, our daily rest,
that we might live tomorrow better than today.
But teach us, first, to say that while not perfect,
this day was, in the end, okay.

As someone who is driven to achieve (surely God gave me that as a gift, right?), I often reach the end of the day feeling I haven’t done enough, but learning to try and focus on what I have done, and recognising that sleep, friends, etc. are just as important – in fact taking time out can then be labelled an achievement!

I love this from Pam’s blog the other day:

May my life
be freshened
and nourished
only from you,
the faithful one,
for I need your strength
to live your ways,
every day
of my life.

#Do1GoodThing: Buy Fairtrade where you can today // We had a challenge in Winchester once to buy Fairtrade at least once a week. As a non-tea/coffee drinker that was a challenge (and it was before there were so many Fairtrade options) – in the end I saved up pennies each week and bought a rug – which I still step onto first thing every morning .. so like ‘Coffee Break’, I can be reminded of those who make it…

Maggi Dawn

Drawing on Exodus 32:1-14, Maggi talks about how mountain-tops often epitomise an ‘epiphany’ – as it’s where God most often reveals himself – I just wrote on a questionnaire the other week that the place I feel most spiritually connected is the mountaintops.

The piece today really helps us in thinking about how we continue to keep our eyes on the mountaintops (the place of revelation), when everything seems dull and drudging. We live in an instant culture, and it can be hard to wait without knowing where we are going. In these times it takes courage and patience to resist going back to what we know has worked in the past, rather than trusting in what is coming.

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