Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Well, there’s an interesting topic for today – ‘bodies’ … we all know it’s something I find interesting as I struggle with my own body, and am learning lots from Beyond Chocolate about who to not see our bodies as something to fight and subdue, but something to work with and delight in – whatever weight and shape:

We hold before you the delights and the frights which our bodily nature has given us over the years.

I’m always fascinated by how much emphasis we put on people’s weight – and loved this piece that circulated on Facebook recently – women congratulated for being ‘brave’ to disclose weight, etc..

Image circulated on Facebook.
Image circulated on Facebook.

#Do1GoodThing: Buy seeds ready to create a wildlife garden (or tub or window box!) // Ha, shall I try this again … my gardening failed pretty miserably last year – these things require watering and I’m away a lot. My neighbour would do it, but you know…

Maggi Dawn

The story of the Lost Sheep – often told to say how much each one is valued … given a new slant in that shepherds worked together, so a shepherd going off to search for that lost sheep was putting himself in danger – because sheep, although intelligent – once they get lost are really lost. Although we are encouraged to look for God – without God looking for us we are truly lost.

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