Wordnik has some interesting definitions for “lonely“. I think it’s in crowds that I feel the loneliest … but probably never so lonely as Jesus felt on the cross, offered wine/gall.

The above picture I chose – although more attuned to human feelings than those of animals, as there is such a sense of abandonment and loneliness … and it’s interesting to see what Google images brings up:

Screenshot 2014-03-25 09.30.55

Largely stark, colourless, faceless images … with a sense of empty space around…

#Do1NiceThingCommit to collect used stamps for The Leprosy Mission // now I have a few stamps in an envelope somewhere – though of course we don’t get as many these days.

Maggi Dawn

Luke 15: 11-32 – the story of the prodigal son. Maggi has really cast this in a new light for me today, suggesting that the son had learnt his wasteful ways from his Father … but that God has similarly “wasteful” generosity to show to us.

The older brother was the one who then was Pharisaical, glowering in the corner, feeling left out from the celebrations as he glowered at the others enjoying themselves… seeking to control everything.

No matter how perfectly we keep our religion, it’s our heart that places us inside or outside God’s presence.

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  1. I think that the quote from Maggi about how we keep our religion echoes some of the stuff I said on the fb site. Nobody unless they are clergy wearing a dog collar, wears their faith openly – Do they? Normally you’d not know that someone was a Christian unless they actually tell you or by their words or actions show you.

    I used to wear a cross outside my shirt to mark me out as a Christian, but came in for criticism that I was being too showy? I retreated to wearing it concealed inside my shirt. If I’m knocked down, hopefully the evidence of that found by medics will at least bring a Priest alongside if I can’t ask for one myself.

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