Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


The image above (yes, I chose them all for BIGBible, so I am using the same image on the blog) appealed to me because empty spaces can sometimes seem full of possibilities (e.g. here there is the full range of parking spaces, but I’ll probably avoid the ones next to the pillar given half a chance), and other times can seem threatening as there’s no company with you…

This is all the rest I want to share of this today:

Abba, patient one, bless my lack of gift.
Bless my tired mind.
Bless my empty hands.
Bless my weary legs.
Bless my inner vacuum.

#Do1NiceThingCatch a bus (#Do1NiceThing for the environment) and say thank you to the bus driver // We talked about this at housegroup on Monday – that if one person says thank you, there’s a constant ‘thank you, thank you’ as you get off the bus… although I didn’t want to say it the other week as the driver didn’t stop at my stop and I had to walk back … I admit I huffed off that bus!

Maggi Dawn

Wow, it appears Maggi experienced something like this – in a smaller boat:

As Maggi draws our attention to Matthew 4: 35-40, we wonder how Jesus could have slept through this, and then was angry for the disciples fear once he awoke.

A couple of interesting lessons Maggi has drawn from this – that not all stories of suffering have a happy ending, that God can seem “curiously absent” when we need him most, but that without over interpreting – God is our guide in a storm – knowing the final destination.

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  1. I too dislike empty car parks, for the same reasons as you give. I wonder if this is common across a lot more people? I think that those times when God is curiously absent are probably good for the soul, because that sense of his presence you might experience might make us a little complacent and lazy? But to experience as sense of him being totally absent as opposed to thinking that he might be busy elsewhere for a while, but will be back shortly is frankly, terrifying. Since he chose to come into my life in such a clearly defined way – how dare he go absent! Particularly when I need him 🙁

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