Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


I’m finding this week’s poems really powerful. As we talk about e.g. ‘Facebook depression’ for seeing only the best of other people’s lives (but also balance that against the wisdom of what is helpful to share).. at difficult times, these are great lines to hold onto (a bit of colour, in what can feel rather black and white):

With you the darkness is always the herald of dawn.
With you true hope is always new.
With you there is always blessing.

#Do1NiceThing: Email / write to your MP and say thank you for representing you and that you are praying for them // Great idea … adds to to do list!

Maggi Dawn

Drawing on Matthew 14:22-33, we look at the same story as yesterday (Jesus walking on water), but from a different perspective. I found myself thinking ‘yes, yes, yes’ as I was reading Maggi’s words about the importance of telling the same story from different perspectives – each bringing out different nuances, but each contributing to a sense of the whole.

Loving the description of a ‘leap of faith’ – not a complete jump into the unknown, but bridging the gaps between logic – not irrational, but not knowing all for certain before taking an action.

There’s also an interesting insight into how we may read the scriptures from an individualistic perspective, because that’s the way our world works … but although Peter took a leap of faith, Jesus brought all of the disciples to safety, and there was no rebuke to them for not ‘getting out of the boat’. Let’s see how we can all join experiences as a group… but not necessarily all having the same experience!

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