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Keeping track of a number of stories relating to ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age‘ in the news:

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Teens, Drugs and the Internet: The Perfect Storm

I’ve spent a lot of my life watching children — as a parent, and then working with parents of troubled teens. I’ve seen so many adolescents gravitate towards the wrong thing like moths to a flame. Even if they don’t dive into the fire, they almost can’t help but be drawn to it.

It’s nothing new that teens put peers’ input above that of their parents. But what has changed? The input comes not just from classmates and neighbors, but from complete strangers who enter our children’s lives through their virtual world — the Internet.

Children benefit from the right sort of screen time

It is an issue many parents will have grappled with. Is the peace you get by handing your child a touchscreen or sitting them in front of the TV worth the undefined damage you worry it’s causing? The subject resurfaced last week with one study claiming that screen time was linked with increased BMI and another finding it adversely affected children’s emotional well-being.

Failure good for children says duke

He told the newspaper the thing he had learned most during his time at Gordonstoun school in Scotland was that “failure was not something to be afraid of or to feel guilty about – because so much of life is understanding about failure and the lessons to be learnt from failure”.

Online safety campaign for children

Right Click: Internet Safety Matters is a partnership between the charity and technology company which will see volunteers go into 600 schools across the UK and hold workshops to educate parents, teachers and children about staying safe on the internet, potentially reaching more than 20,000 people.

Educator encourages Peel parents to catch up with their kids’ digital footprints

Through the use of video clips and heartfelt personal anecdotes about his late father, Couros encouraged parents to take the leap and sign up for social media themselves rather than just dismissing it as a fad.

“Try it first and see how it impacts you,” he said in the crowded gymnasium. “We need to replace this fear of the unknown with curiosity.

“I was that person who was totally afraid of all of this new technology and freaked out by it. Then I actually started doing it, and I thought, ‘Why did I not start this sooner?’ because it’s actually pretty amazing.

UK ’embracing digital lifestyle’

Mr Griffiths said: “In the digital age in which we are clearly living, the UK has very much embraced the digital lifestyle, and probably faster than a lot of other western European countries.

SentTell Offers Parents Anti-Sexting Smartphone App

SentTell, a San Francisco startup, has developed a free application for Android smartphones to prevent sexting by young adults. The application notifies parents whenever photos are taken using their children’s camera.

In Colorado libraries offer a digital-friendly experience, we hear about a successful children’s app, and here’s some advice on encouraging children to read, why you should talk to your child about gambling, or (more sadly) – signs that your child might be being bullied in a private school.

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