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Today’s poem focuses on the reactions we may have when reading the news – as someone who has dealt with this within the discipline of media studies, and has mentioned in my book that headlines tend to focus on the new, the unique, the negative… When first diagnosed with depression I stopped reading newspapers for a while, and it did really help – and now I get much of my news via my news feeds online – am I less informed? Maybe .. Happier – yes…

Let me resonate with the reality it both reveals
and hides.

#Do1NiceThingSay sorry even when its not your fault! // Ouch!

Maggi Dawn

Drawing on Luke 9:12-17 and the feeding of the 5000, I hear a theme of responsibility in Maggi’s thinking today

In any case, Jesus’ reply is intriguing – not ‘Don’t worry, I’ll feed them’ but ‘You feed them, you give them something to eat.’ Sometimes in the telling of the story we focus on how Jesus saved the day by blessing and multiplying the food, and we forget that his intention was for the disciples to feed the people. Maybe, when we’re concerned with the needs of the world, we need to remember Jesus’ words: ‘You feed them.’

So, at the very least, let’s ensure that we put some tins into the food bank trolleys at the supermarket, or fund e.g. Trussell Trust… whilst also supporting those working on policies that could eradicate the need for food banks!

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