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We British love to moan about the rain, but Heather’s picture above gives a real sense of the beauty and detail that can seen amongst the wetness! Ironically I am in London today and there’s this weird yellow thing in the sky that’s making me rather warm…

These poems were written before the floods of this year (and before it was known that Noah would be premier-ing in the UK last night), but I think would have been appreciated by people on the Somerset levels… had a quick check of why water is so vital to our lives, and encourages us to think about charities such as WaterAid that enable those who don’t have enough water to receive it.

I love Thomas’ lovely Scottish accept reading this poem!

#Do1NiceThingLook for ways to volunteer one hour of your time for someone else (look at StreetBank for ideas) // hmmm, not sure I need to look for any more ways!

Maggi Dawn

Luke 17: 11-19 – a challenging think about who/why/process of getting healed – and the need for the lepers (excluded from society) to go to the priests for healing to be complete (and thus declared ritually clean).

We are not healed in order to return to our former life, but to live differently, breaking down divisions in society that exclude others because of their nationality, gender, religion or education.

The fact that 9/10 didn’t go back and say thank you for the healing, meant that they hadn’t understood the bigger picture of why they had been healed…

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