Image source: The Worship Cloud
Image source: The Worship Cloud


Stephen deals with a number of different types of ‘lost’ (and Wordnik gives some suggestions), and some brought to mind the idea of the lost/found sheep, etc. This one struck me (and triggered the image, which although the man looks peaceful/happy, the black and white together with the image give a sense of someone who is a little lost…):

So many of the lost are elderly,
unable to remain on good­-enough terms with the people
who populate
their past and shuffle in the corridors of their minds:
straining to see and hear and to accept
the pace of change
that outstrips personal and private decay;
driven by need from homeland and unable to cope
in premature demise;
racked in pain and ailment,
rendered miserable and shunned;
experiencing diminishment of body and
loss of mind, feeling memories slip through
frail and wrinkled fingers.

I think I sometimes fear the ‘loss’ that will come with old age, but have been learning that things don’t have to be all or nothing! And I’m looking forward to wearing a purple hat!

#Do1NiceThingE-Mail your local councillors and say thank you for what they do and offer to pray for them // wonder if this will get the same reaction as MPs!

Maggi Dawn

Today, just a thought about the power of processing something for ourselves – after Jesus asks ‘who do you think I am?’ – not for personal ratification, but to help them understand who he was, and help others see for themselves (a discovery learning approach?!) …. especially as today I have been thinking about ‘who am I?’ in conversation with others – and whether there’s one “Bex” or whether there’s no such thing to find, and in fact life is an adventure of discovery…

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  1. I think that trying to define ‘who am I’ is an endless game, as we change from day to day. Our main bits tend towards being fairly static unless a great emergency arises, but the little bits, the corners of our mind, our ideas, how we react to others can be mood or scene or location dependent. I know who I am, but sometimes catch myself going down unknown pathways, seeking God in different ways, that’s where things change and loss can be reclaimed.

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