#BIGRead14: People with nowhere to sit

Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud 


Today’s poem ties in nicely with my feeling yesterday. I thought I had comfortable shoes on yesterday (albeit with a small heel), but by the time I’d walked from Highbury to/through Finsbury Park I was desperate to sit down and take my shoes off (which I was able to do for an hour, giving me enough respite to be able to do the final walk to Manor House!). I also got a decent seat on the train … occasionally when the trains have been messed up, and so seating reservations aren’t in place, have found myself standing from King’s Cross to Peterborough – a long way, especially as it’s usually after a busy time! Last time was after #CNMAC13!! Good to remember, however, that these are largely #firstworldproblems:

Remembering multitudes who hope for more,
but only ever have the floor.

Bless them as they walk.
Bless them as they squat.
Bless them as they feel the earth.
Bless them as they stand and sway.
Bless all who have no seat, this day.

Meantime – got to love the range of chairs pinned on Pinterest!

#Do1NiceThingTake time to discover some new tourist attraction in your area (eg wildlife park, play area, etc) // I have a list of places to check out in the North-East!

Maggi Dawn

Looking at Mark 8:31-33, where Peter tries to discourage Jesus from talking about his own death, it is brought to our attention that Jesus didn’t face up to temptation only once, but again was faced with the glittering idea that he didn’t have to face death. In the same way, we need to develop daily disciplines to face those things that tempt us each day… especially important if we have a public persona (as social media gives us), that we offer integrity with our internal/external faces – we don’t “preach” love, and then gossip behind others backs… Challenging again..

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Sitting things out occurred to me this morning as I waited for Holy Communion to start. How many people in church who have issues with a Vicar or other member of the congregation, instead of dealing with it, sit it out until one or other leaves or moves on. I’ve know people who’ve done it, but wondered about their lack of self awareness of wasted opportunities? Just a thought about procrastination rather than doing.

I think it’s one of the most precious things you can give to someone – time/honesty to try and sort out misunderstandings, etc… It’s so easy to just walk away… what opportunities get missed with that!

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