Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Well today’s poem is very apt:

Hear the prayer, o Lord, of all who cry to thee
in their trouble:
those who cry out in hunger;

I blithely signed up to #fastapril4th several weeks ago, and it’s now gone ‘lunchtime‘, and I am surprisingly hungry, feeling chilly/tired (although I didn’t go to bed as early as planned last night – was writing!), and not sure how good my concentration is:


Thankfully, I am working on preparing Spring Harvest sessions – I always enjoy presentation preparation, so… and tomorrow I can go back to ‘normal eating’. And we are always hearing how it’s those who are working who are suffering in this way, so I’m seeking to stick with it – check out the Trussell Trust statistics.

My fingers are on autopilot to stray across to my desk drawer where I keep my Krackerwheats … I have got Penny to hide them for me:


#Do1NiceThingGive away a book you think is worth reading // I may have someone in mind to send my own book to …

Maggi Dawn

Today Maggi draws on Mark 8:34-38, raising the question ‘is God a hard taskmaster’?

Certainly there are gospel imperatives that none of us can ignore: we must live in love and generosity and we must care for the poor; choosing to follow Christ will, at some level or other, cost us something. Despite that cost, though, God still doesn’t call us to centre our lives in places where we are fundamentally ill at ease. We’re called to find out where we fit best and then follow that way, knowing that it will bring deep-seated challenge as well as joys.

There’s also a section on values, and the need for integrity in our values, which is the section that I’m about the write for Spring Harvest (Minehead Week 3).

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  1. It’s interesting in terms of fasting that having been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic this week, that my diet has changed to reflect the rules needed to manage the illness properly in the longer term, this means eating at three regular times per day on a rivised diet substituting foods with less sugar/glucose for ones with less or none. It’s been a steep learning curve in the week, but eating less, but more is suiting my long standing diverticulitis, so a win-win situation. I think that by eating less, I’m satisfying the fast today, but need to do something small in addition, such as donating to the charity itself.

    From now on, fasting will be an ongoing fact of life. Good for me, but I must look to see how any savings can be applied for a worthy cause.

    1. Oh yes, forgot to say that intention is that hand over the ££ saved to a food bank… I have been working on what I eat for quite some time, but it’s more about liberating food (removing all the ‘diet rules’), so I wasn’t sure if this was the best idea… but it is only for one day…

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