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Consult your children before posting their photos online

But Professor Lupton warned there were major implications to thrusting children into the digital realm before they could take control of their own identity, and they could grow up with a huge online presence for which they had never given consent. Even primary school-aged children deserved to be consulted about online content relating to them.

South African apps teaching kids to be creative with technology

She says that the app aims to add to the traditional educational and entertaining aspects of storytelling by adding a deep level of interactivity for the reader, and will not only stimulate a child’s creative instincts and develop artistic creative design skills, but also assist with early stage development.

Children need to learn basics of digital world at young age

Douglas Rushkoff, who delivered the presentation “Program or Be Programmed – Thriving in the Digital Landscape” recently at the University of Lethbridge, said kids need to be taught, even at a young age, the basics of how the digital world works.

“Some measure of digital literacy is kind of required to live and act consciously and purposely in the emerging landscape,” said Rushkoff prior to his presentation.

ThirdParent Launches Online Auditing Service Aimed at Protecting Children and Teens

ThirdParent will work with families to remove damaging content and restore a positive online reputation. The company also provides online resources to help parents stay current with new social networks and emerging trends, empowering them to make educated decisions about their child’s Internet use.

How do we guard our children’s digital footprint?

This entire effort is truly creating a hardship for many families. The unknowns and the growing digital portfolio on our children is troubling. The possibilities for use and misuse are real. The actions of the Smarter Balanced Consortium are putting our children squarely in the middle of the families trying to protect their future and the desires and demands of the schools and state. Families should make their feelings known to members of the Board of Education, and insist that our children’s “digital footprint” is guarded with the same level of care afforded to our children themselves.

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