In a world that’s very self-focused (and yes, yesterday I just did a load of stuff for myself, barely touched the digital space, and went to bed early… (yes)today’s poem calls us to care

So make in us a heart that cares:
that sees,
breaks and
rages in concert with others.
Make in us a heart that
hurts and
heals, that
shares and
saves the suffering from
the loneliness of natural life.

Yesterday I took place is #FastApril4th. It was surprisingly hard, by lunchtime I could feel that it was affecting my thinking, etc. Like sleeping in Winchester Cathedral in aid of homelessness the other year – neither of these 1-go-statement-days comes anywhere near to what it’s like to cope with this day-to-day, but it certainly opens the eyes to the realities… especially when many of those having to choose whether to ‘heat or eat’ are working, and struggling to focus and concentrate…

#Do1NiceThingPay for the drink of the person behind you in a coffee shop // I did look at this and think in a modern coffee shop, might have trouble with this – so many variations! But still, the idea  = ace!

Maggi Dawn

Ha, I am so much a ‘doer’ … love this bit from today’s ‘Giving it up’

To Peter it didn’t come naturally to pause, listen, wait, think or worship. The presence of God made him want to act – to make things bette, make the place suitable for the presence of God, change the world, change people’s minds.

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  1. Hunger is something that I haven’t experienced since my childhood, when hunger was common. But it’s not difficult to imagine how families might be suffering hunger and having to resort to food banks to feed themselves. I wonder at a government and it’s complacency to allow food poverty to exist in the UK, let alone the rest of the world. Perhaps it’s a statement of the lack of compassion or empathy within our society that the message that it’s ‘all their own fault’ is being taken on board by more and more people that I listen to day to day. Sad and hard to fight against if they’re not prepared to listen.

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