#BIGRead14: Patience

Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Ha, my cousin Hannah is reading this poem today, and we both felt this was a little too apt to us:

Lord of all time,
help me to inhabit time calmly, attending to the pulse
of your grace, the season of your
Spirit and not my own
impatient desire.

I always seem to have so much to do, and am always attempting to dent my to-do list, but have been told this often leads only to a ‘dented Bex’ … so have been working on “yes, I can do that, but maybe not right now”, and even sometimes, no, sorry, I can’t!

New American Standard Bible  (Matt 5:37)
“But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes ‘ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of evil.


#Do1NiceThingWrite some inspirational messages on Post-It notes and randomly leave for people to find.

Maggi Dawn

Ha Ha Ha Luke 10:38-42. the story of Mary and Martha – a story that makes a constant reappearance in my life … as a reminder that life is more than busyness … honestly, no idea if that’s the whole point of it, but for me…

I wrote that before reading Maggi’s reflections, and there is a caution not to apply modern day psychology to historical characters, but an encouragement to think about the culture of the time… and what Martha was really protesting about…

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