Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


A real prayer for graceful, gentle living today …. And the line ‘steady us when we panic’ particularly apt (yes)today, as I got on the train, and my recently repaired laptop refused to boot. Am now awaiting further tests, but the timing, with #SH2014 prep and other deadlines really couldn’t be much less helpful. Hugely thankful for multiple devices (and that I’d already set up draft posts/pics for bigread posts here!).
#do1nicething … Ooo, wonder if you’d ever get away with this in London… Chat with a stranger in a coffee shop.

Maggi Dawn

Love taking the parable of the sower of the seeds and applying it to our busy lives – as a fellow find it really hard to sit still kind of person – we have to understand that some of the things we do (seeds) will be wasted, and look at the example of Jesus who just took time to sit…. Ties in with this link seen in timeline Weds am.

Written on my iPad!

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