Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


I’ve just got my laptop back, and before I pack for #SH2014, and head to bed, these words echo:

Give me eyes to see beauty, dignity and
grace in the bravery of others.
Help me when I am tempted away from truth and service
by my lack of courage.

#Do1NiceThingWrite a letter to the boss of someone who has given excellent customer service to tell them so // Or, do what I’ve done sometimes, and send an email!

Maggi Dawn

Drawn into the story of ‘The Rich Man‘ – Jesus cut through the social niceties to deal with the issue – the man was ‘owned by his possessions’ rather than the other way round .. and the disciples were also rebuked for saying that they had given up their homes/families … maybe they were ‘owned’ by what they had given up?

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