Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


A call to be generous with our time and our money…. My brain is whirling between ‘responsible’ and ‘courageous’ in our giving… Including of ourselves. As I’m spending a weekend with members of my family I felt rude to go off for a nap… But that means they’ve been able to get on. It’s the Arsenal/Wigan match! And next week is filled with Spring Harvest…

#do1nicething – well, free car wash would be fantastic – haven’t sorted my car since 2012…

Maggi Dawn

A look at the powerful (and oft over familiar) verse of John 3:16. The ultimate act of generosity from God, who gave his only Son (who as part of God, meant he gave himself), rather than a new set of rules. Cogitating on that.>

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