Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud



Heroic Son of David:
heal us, and
give us the hope we cannot grasp.


#Do1NiceThingThank people for the virtues they have

Maggi Dawn

Encouraged by coming across the Bethphage charity, as I googled for more information on the city

The poem, the church service I went to today, and Maggi’s reading all, unsurprisingly, focus on Matthew 21 – the story of Jesus entering as the Messiah, but on a donkey, rather than on a Stallion. Maggi adds some context to the story, in that people may have appreciated that Jesus was a great teacher, but thought he was joining a pre-existing pilgrimage, rather than that soon, he would be crucified.

Jesus loved kicking against expectations… and I love the idea that he was not a ‘hair shirt’ man, but that he loved parties and wine. I am looking forward to a glass of wine tomorrow evening with the #SH2014 team… at which I have arrived this evening. Butlins Minehead, watch out – we are going to be investigating having confidence in our faith … and in Culture space, some ideas of how to communicate it!

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