Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Today’s poem, on pain, makes me think of a number of verses in Genesis, where the ground is cursed, labour is cursed, and life is made so much more difficult through our own disobedience…

Yet the truth is that the
pain overcomes
me. It invades, vanquishes and
diminishes me.

I know some of the pain that I experience is brought on by some of my own unhelpful habits … I’m working on a few at at time!

Maggi Dawn

Drawing on Mark 11:15-19, we are reminded that the God of the Old Testament is still very much in evidence … it is not ‘angry God’ of the Old Testament, and ‘floaty Jesus’ of the New Testament … righteous anger is in evidence throughout the Bible.

….you aren’t allowed to get angry, feel passionate or care so much about something that it leads to radical, unorthodox and criminal action.

Maggi emphasises that this is not a call for random criminal action, but to be aware that anger can play a part in our lives.



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