Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Today’s poem gives a real sense of ‘struggle’, seeking to find ‘meaning’, but getting caught up and tangled in what we are already caught up in:

Disentangle me, Lord.
Unpick my inner knot.
Unravel my complexity.
Unweave my deepest confusion.
Untwist the channels of spirit within.

I’m not one that talks about ‘visions’ much, but when I was doing life-coaching training, I described the thoughts in my head as a huge number of multicoloured strands – very bright and beautiful, but entirely tangled one around the other, so it was difficult to discern a path forward…

tangled sewing threads

Maggi Dawn

With John 12:1-8 … the story of Mary pouring ultra-expensive perfume (nard) on Jesus’ feet, a perfume associated with grief/pain/death – anointing Jesus before his death and burial. Jesus didn’t stop Mary, but allowed her to carry out thisĀ once in a lifetime act (it was essentially her life savings). Tonight, Celia talked in the Big Top at #SH2014 re the need to see how other’s value the small things that you give them, often before you give the bigger things – not in an anti-generous way, but recognising that we each only have so much to give, and it’s good stewardship to ensure that our energies/skills will be given to those who will value and honour it.

There’s a reminder from Maggi that often when we are overworked, we try and work a little harder, but actually we sometimes need to get away from it all (either for a nap, as I did this afternoon), or to hang out with those who have known us for a long-time, and with whom we can simply relax and recharge, going forward with creativity…

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