Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


As someone who loves colour, today’s poem is a challenge, particularly:

Let me be, then, more
black and white in who I am,
what I say, what I do.


Let me be grey
that others may
colour and be

I loved finding the photo above on The Worship Cloud, as it could take the poem even further – do we become more monochrome so that the Cross stands out?

Maggi Dawn

In John 18, Simon Peter denies Jesus three times…

I’m trying to finish preparing a #SH2014 talk for tomorrow on ‘Faith has no place in the public sphere: discuss’ … so this line from Maggi is particularly apt:

Peter, always the first to speak and act in support of Jesus, and fearless of making public statements about his faith, now speaks just as impulsively in denial, simply to save his own skin. In this moment of danger he attempts what is ultimately impossible – to stay faithful only in private.

With a theme this week at Spring Harvest on ‘confidence’, it’s a great reading, to understand that the disciples also failed at many things, for a variety of reasons, and that Jesus can forgive them all.. .

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