Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Today’s poem

Help me to be clear about this at least:
that I know little;
that I miss more than I see;
that I am surprised more often,
far more often, than
I ever admit.

… reminded me of a postcard I used to have on my wall – which was something along these lines:


The focus of the poem, however, is upon the mystery – which the first description in Wordnik is “One that is not fully understood or that baffles or eludes the understanding” – and that is the power of Easter Sunday – the mystery of the ‘One’ who came to earth … (and having given a talk which included a section on ‘reason’ versus ‘faith’ – cannot imagine a world which is limited by ‘what we know’, in which there is no mystery).

LATER TODAY – Come join us for an Easter Service online.

Don’t forget that Lent is officially 50 days … so Stephen’s poems continue until the end of the week!

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Maggi Dawn

Thank you to Maggi for Giving It Up over Lent, the last day of which is today.

Tanya Marlow on Facebook this morning shared this piece for those stuck on Easter Friday, and can’t feel the joy of Easter Sunday.

Maggi gives us John 21: 1-14 – the sense of uncertainty for the disciples after Jesus’ ministry appears to have ended … not sure what they are supposed to be doing, going back to their old trades – in this case Peter’s fishing (an aspect of their lives I hadn’t really thought about before) – but they can’t go back to what they had done before – everything had changed… 

Lent is over …. Easter has just begun!

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