How Not To Treat a Guest Speaker (Via @TimesHigherEd)

This is an enjoyable hop, at which am wincing in recognition at 10¬†ways that it is possible to badly treat a guest speaker, who has usually spent quite some time (and probably years of study) in preparation of a talk for your delectation… but also some thoughts for academic speakers as to ways around some […]

Life’s Regrets?

Really fascinating piece and a good reminder as to what are the important things in life – as expressed by those on their deathbed to their nurses. 1) Living a life true to yourself 2) Not working so hard 3) Having courage to express true feelings 4) Stayed in touch with friends: It is common […]

Facebook Bullying Initiative #DigitalParenting

Facebook describes bullying as Bullying is any kind of repeated aggressive behaviour that involves an imbalance of power such as social status or physical size. Along with physical or verbal attacks, bullying also includes making threats, spreading rumours or deliberately excluding someone from a group. and is providing advice for teens, parents/guardians, and teachers, including […]