#Luke2Acts – Luke 8-16

You know when you get a little behind with something… been reading these – think may go onto Instagram shortly!! Using this version: Luke 8:   Luke 9: Luke 10:  Luke 11: Luke 12: Luke 13: Luke 14: Luke 15:  Luke 16:

Public History Discussion Group Saturday 31st May 2014

I loved the Public History event I went to at Ruskin College, so please to see this email come around. Check out Wikipedia description for Public History Public history is the broad range of activities undertaken by people with some training in the discipline of history who are generally working outside of specialized academic settings. Public history practice […]

[WORKSHOP] Social Media for the Scared

Last time I ran ‘Social Media for the Scared’ at Church House, Westminster, the course changed from a 3 hour course to a 6 hour course. Some restructuring was felt to be needed, and the course may not race quite to the end – leaving a bit of space for practical elements if people desire […]

PhD Mentioned in Oxford Magazine

I met Chris Sladen at a Public History event at Ruskin College, and we’ve kept in sporadic contact ever since. In ‘Noughth Week, Hilary Term, 2014’, Oxford Magazine, Chris wrote a review of A Green and Pleasant Land by Ursula Buchan (2013), and towards the end he references my PhD. Maybe before too long it won’t be unpublished anymore…