n1GONSOI have had various tests for TATT, but mostly the conclusion is it’s lifestyle – and about how much am doing things that re-energise/am passionate about. With the help of a coach and a counsellor I am making various changes – might blog on those one day – but wanted to remind myself of this excellent piece I saw in Time Magazine – headlines are:

  1. You skip exercise when you’re tired
  2. You don’t drink enough water
  3. You’re not consuming enough iron
  4. You’re a perfectionist
  5. You make mountains out of molehills
  6. You skip breakfast
  7. You live on junk food
  8. You have trouble saying ‘no’
  9. You have a messy office
  10. You work through vacation
  11. You have a glass of wine (or two) before bed
  12. You check e-mails at bedtime
  13. You rely on caffeine to get through the day
  14. You stay up late on weekends

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  1. I think number 5 might be a result of being tired, rather than a cause? Possibly both. One of the best things I’ve done to help my mind shut down for sleep is to stop using my smart phone as an alarm clock. I don’t see notifications last or first thing.

    1. I’m still using as an alarm clock, but I’m not clicking straight into social media first thing (usually), and ensure it’s on silent/upside down at night. Have considered a diff alarm clock… I have noticed when I am stressed about something, it’s more difficult to sleep, and the quality of my sleep is poorer…

  2. I’ve been researching Mindfulness lately and doing some Mindfulness exercises. I’ve been amazed at what a difference it’s made to the way I think, especially regarding “making mountains out of molehills”. If you’re interested, Ruby Wax’s “Sane New World” is a really good intro to the science behind Mindfulness. Shaun Lambert’s “A Book of Sparks” looks at Mindfulness from a Christian perspective – he says it’s a “universal human capacity”. And, Patrizia Collard’s “The Little Book of Mindfulness” is a wonderful, brief and practical intro to it. x

    1. … been reading slushy novels to slow my brain down, but starting to have some fun with a few more humourous but a bit deeper now… will check those out! Thx x

    1. Tried a number of things whilst PhD … and been diagnosed with PVCF twice. Trying to learn to measure my time out judiciously, just needs the right focus … head Martin Lewis the other day said we often treat work time like gold, then forget to treat our own time as the same!

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