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A good summary of core learning and teaching thinking about social media over the past few years, and a number of practical tips – including – who is your (student) audience – and how can you capitalise on what they already know how to use, and where is the confidence with staff, how do universities look at this in an overview – and still hold on so tightly to VLEs, where are the boundaries between private/public – encouraging students to ‘go public’, and how do we encourage students to use wider range of materials outside of official learning materials. How do we ensure that social media is seen as a part of the culture of a university – as staff increasingly use it, they’ll see the value in using it as a contribution to the learning and teaching experience. We spend too long worrying about the long-odds of potential negatives, rather than the positives. See this as a developmental experience – it’s all a work in progress, and that work in progress is in public.

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