I have really enjoyed reading this book over the past week (thanks Bryony for lending it to me) – had me chuckling and thinking at alternate moments, and occasionally reaching for the iPad to take note of a particular paragraph, as outlined here:

Early morning prayer? How can I expect to have a civil conversation with God?
Be yourself. Take risks. Work Hard. Make mistakes. Keep Going. Surround with cheerleaders.
Faith is believing in the midst of uncertainty. Don’t wait for certainty.
Women should not have to pry equality…
Thinking about what we buy… and how it affects others… (one of the most impactful Lent things I did was give up purchasing in supermarkets & seeking to ‘shop local’ more – changes eating habits a lot!)
Remember the historical context in which the Bible was written.
Church – an off-putting place for women?
The Bible isn’t an answer book, set of rules of a self-help manual, but a sacred collection telling God’s story
Do we find what we’re looking for?

Thanks Rachel – lots to chew on (as someone who came from a Brethren background!)!

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