25940_book-review-the-marketplace-of-attention-by-james-g-websterAlso looks interesting:

Now that digitisation has revolutionised the media, what are we watching – and how? By Sharon Wheeler

S o I’m sitting on the sofa, surfing rapidly through the Freeview channels on television. I’m checking three email accounts on my laptop, keeping a beady eye on Facebook, maintaining two Twitter accounts, watching a YouTube video that my nephew has made and waiting impatiently for The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice to download off iPlayer on to my iPad. I’m also feeling guilty because I haven’t updated either of my blogs this week.

My TV surfing settles on BBC News 24 – but not before I’ve muttered darkly about how there used to be nothing decent to watch on five channels, and now there’s nothing any good on 105 (unless you want wall-to-wall repeats of Bergerac and Lovejoy).

I’m one of the punters James Webster has in his sights in The Marketplace of Attention: How Audiences Take Shape in a Digital Age. This is a book that will ease undergraduates into the field, as well as providing a lucid overview for interested parties outside the academy.

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