WTC Theology: Week 8: A Broken World (@WTCTheology)

WTC Theology: Week 8: A Broken World (@WTCTheology)


Thoughts from the videos from Week 8:

Session 8.1: Introduction to Social Justice (Bob Ekblad)

What is the Biblical basis for social justice and advocacy, and what does that look like in contemporary life?

  • Child soldiers, slaves, prostitutes, trafficking, etc. are huge issues.
  • Death penalty in US, homeless, prisoners, asylum seekers etc. need advocacy

Biblical Basis?

  • Gen 1:27-28 (in God’s image)
  • Gen 1/Ps 8 (All creation EXCEPT HUMANS under human dominion)
  • Gen 1:1-2 (God present in darkness)
  • Gen 3-4 (God clothed/sought Adam, Eve, Cain, etc.)
  • Exod 1 (God blesses midwives with doomed baby boys)
  • Exod 2-3 (God knows, hears, sees oppressed)
  • Isaiah 58 (homeless poor – religious practice that doesn’t include them)
  • Gen 16 (Hagar)
  • Gen 18:16-33 (Abraham for Sodom/Lot)
  • Jesus in the incarnation = most radical example

Session 8.2: Basis of Advocacy

  • A God who sees/hears the cries
  • Following the flow of God’s heart (love, not anger) (Exodus 6:1-8)
  • God chooses the weak and humble as his agents (Isaiah 42: 1, 6-8a, 18-22)
  • God recruits those on the margins to become a light to the nations (chooses murderer – Moses – as liberator of the people of Israel)

Session 8.3: Advocacy in the New Testament

The writer of Matthew – a number of women appear (in the genealogy)

  • Tamar (Gen 38) – incest
  • Rahab – prostitute
  • Ruth – Moabitess
  • Bathsheba – possibly Hittite
  • Mary (pregnant with the Holy Spirit, visited by the Angel)
  • John the Baptist (murdered for critiquing Herod)
  • Jesus as Prototypical Advocate (Luke 4) – compassion, taking authority of the devil
  • Holoy Spirit as Advocate – Defender – Comforter

Session 8.4: Social Justice and Advocacy Today

Talking about experience with his charity, esp working with illegal immigrant workers.

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