So, earlier this evening, I was live on The One Show, talking about cyberbullying, from my book Raising Children in a Digital Age, and ready for a new cyberbullying report coming out from the BBC tomorrow, as well as Safer Internet Day 2015. All a bit of a whirlwind. If you want a vague idea of what happens – was collected, given a room (with wi-fi), in which I’d planned to work on a report, but ended up rehearsing my points for most of the afternoon. Got a chance to practice them with the producer, then was sent for food, make-up, rehearsal – in which about 10+ minutes in which I got lots of questions, from which Matt/Alex picked the ones they wanted to use. Back behind the scenes, until I was called to the sofa, quick chat whilst the VT is playing, then we’re on air, and what feels like 30 second later, I’m done – no chance to namecheck anyone – sorry – but lots of you are namechecked in the book, so… Watched the rest of it, quick photo, and off home.

Back up in the morning for a few more media interviews, and hopefully some report writing!

Love a few more reviews on the book (hopefully positive ones)… only 47p on Kindle as a special for Internet Safety Week – and the show will be on iPlayer for a bit 🙂

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