This morning, a short segment on BBC News, reacting to a new report by the BBC indicating that many children are taking risks online.

Note:  Clip provided by the BBC

P.S. If you’re wondering what the experience is like – make your way to the BBC, someone takes you down to a small room, checks exactly what time you’re on the schedule for, gives you a drink, someone taps your nose with powder. As the previous item is on, taken into the studio (fairly compact, with a load of prompters/cameras swirling around on round tracks), sit to one side whilst previous item finishes. As a VT runs, popped into a chair, a microphone is attached, and before you really realise it, you’re on air (you can see me looking at my surroundings before my attention is drawn back!), you’re live chatting, and whilst the attention is taken back to the other presenter, off you go, and you’re done!

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