[FILM] Highrise

This film from Canada looks interesting: Universe Within reveals the hidden digital lives of highrise residents around the world. Trapped in our highrise units, how do we find love, hate, peace, god or community online? Visit Site... might fit well with this event from LST Faith in the Future. 

[REPORT] Friendship in a Digital Age

"Young people are using a diverse range of digital platforms to communicate with their friends, and most young people are having a positive time online." Encouraging from Internet Safety Day back in February, in this short report Friendship in a Digital Age: http://dwn5wtkv5mp2x.cloudfront.net/ufiles/Report_Friendship_in_a_Digital_Age.pdf

Hanging out with @SteveFogg

CODEC enjoyed hosting Steve Fogg as a guest a couple of years ago, and I enjoyed having his family - all 5 of them - squished into my 2 bed house! So, good to see a makeover of his website, which offers useful information drawn  from his expertise in both the commercial and the church sector ... and he's also created a free book Your Digital Makeover if you sign up to his blog:

[AUDIO] Podcast with @AP_Mort on Imposter Syndrome

"Impostor/Imposter Syndrome is the feeling that you’re a fraud, and that any day now you’ll be exposed. You might think that everyone else knows what they’re doing, that you are punching above your weight somewhere you don’t belong." Read the blog from Andy Mort and listen to the podcast... and note that it's not specific to 'introverts' - see some of the other posts I've collected on this idea as I've learnt to acknowledge it's…

[PRESS RELEASE] Facebook status updates reveal low self-esteem and narcissism

I was contacted by ITV This Morning yesterday to discuss  the possibility of being on the programme to discuss the following story (ITV Player programme here - they decided to go with another psychologist, rather than a social media specialist): People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to have low self-esteem, while those who brag about diets, exercise, and accomplishments are typically narcissists, according to new research. Psychologists at Brunel University London…
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