2016-07-28 13.17.04Yesterday, I spent most of the day putting together paperwork, and a digital presence for #BigAg16, a second year unit that I am redeveloping ready for September @MMUBS, and I’m looking for input from you guys out there…

The material for agencies, employers, and charities starts:

  • Want to help find future talent within the fields of marketing, PR, digital, or advertising and branding?
  • Want to inspire that talent with some real world projects to get their teeth into?
  • Want some creative input into some of your thinking from young people who don’t have any baggage?

This September around 200 undergraduates will start their second year at MMU. Around 60 of them are fortunate enough to undertake a one-day-a-week internship with agencies. For everyone else, we want to recreate some of that experience in the classroom, drawing upon real-world projects/briefs, with teaching staff acting as creative directors. Students will work in groups around their specialist areas: Integrated Comms/General Marketing, PR & Comms, Digital Marketing and Advertising and Branding.

Our first project (from @beyondchoc) was signed off this morning, which I hope works as an inspirational example to others, so that students can achieve their learning objectives, and develop their employability skills.

I’m also hoping to get some vox-pop videos from people in the industry, to inspire and educate students with regards to their future opportunities.

Due to the circles that I particularly work in, I need to note that ethics policies would mean that students cannot be required to be of/promote a certain faith perspective, etc. although that doesn’t necessarily preclude faith-based charities if the project has e.g. a social justice outcome. If that wording make sense?!

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