georgette-heyerIf you’ve never read Georgette Heyer, can I just say that you may be missing out! Often confused with Mills & Boon, Heyer wrote these ‘regency romances’ 1920s onwards, the history in them is deeply researched, and the novels chuckle along without loads of random salaciousness that every M&B seems to feel the need to chuck in.

Holidays are typically a time when I may pick a Heyer novel up, and I have been known to work my way through the whole lot, including the ‘contemporary crime novels’, but this time I seem to have stopped after These Old Shades (one of Heyer’s earliest novels), Devil’s Cub (the sequel), and The Masqueraders … (set shortly after the Jacobite rebellion). I may have mentioned Heyer on my blog before, including the academic conference I went to on the topic!

Interesting to note that 2/3 novels that I picked up are ones in which involve cross-dressing – which you can read more about in Lisa Fletcher’s chapter on ‘Mere Costumery‘.

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