So, I resisted for ages – I wasn’t sure I’d want to read a screenplay, although I’d love to watch this as some point, but also – having not got into Harry Potter until at least book 4 was published (possibly book 5) – anyway – it was the first film that got me into it – I have now re-read the books several times, and enjoy all kinds of random extra insights – including when Foursquare told me, whilst I was in the Elephant Cafe in Edinburgh, that if I went into the graveyard nearby, I would spot lots of ‘familiar’ names, as this is where J.K.Rowling got her inspiration from!

I succumbed

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I sat and read it in one enjoyable evening, and I enjoyed it – I soon forgot that I was reading a screenplay, and just re-absorbed myself back into Harry Potter’s world! Maybe I will look at some of the other stuff she’s written – I’ve not read anything else outside of the series itself! Would you recommend it?

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