If you haven’t seen Bridget Jones’s Baby in the cinema, and you’re looking for some light-hearted entertainment – I recommend it! Four of us sat in a row – we’d all seen the previous films – and we proper LOL’d much of the way through – unlike many ‘third films’, this one seemed to wait until it was funny enough to be good on its own!

Having enjoyed the film so much, I decided to read the book – and read it in one train journey on the way back from London yesterday – in fact it didn’t even last the whole journey. Still funny, and relatively true to the book – although in the film Hugh Grant clearly didn’t want to return, so unlike in the book where he’s very much part of the picture, there’s a memorial service for him at the beginning of the film – which helps establish the contemporary context! An enjoyable, easy read!

Long day train journey reading – or might just fall asleep #alarmset

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